Jasper, Calcite, Feldspar, Agate & Dolomite in Basalt and Andesite
from Langenthal/Hünsrück

The former quarry for basalt at Langenthal/Hunsrück, before it was shut down and reused as a landfill for rubble, never had been very popular amongst the average collectors for crystals and minerals. The desired findings for such collectors were too rare and of lesser quality, than that what other quarries in the vicinity had to offer. But there was a small group of insiders, who knew where and what to look for at Langenthal quarry. By mere luck stone artist Helmut Martin was introduced to the quarry by a so called rock hunter, whom he got to know in the 2nd year of his work. This person, in addition to his very profound mineralogical knowledge, also had an eye for arts. If not for this coincidence, all the material - almost 5 tons - that was recovered by us, would have ended up feeding the never ever sated stone mill, which spits out grit and gravel for road construction works.

And no one ever would have seen the beauty and elegance of the following pieces of stone artwork...
For an overview of available pieces of Langenthaler stone art, just click on one of the above images to proceed forward.

By the way …
Many visitors at our workshop ask for local stones or crystals, that they can take home as a souvenir or specimen for their collection. Regarding this, unfortunately the Middlerhine Valley, where we are located, has not much to offer. Only in case you are hopelessly in love with slate and ordinary white quartzite you may feel like being in paradise in our area.

So usually, as an almost local sample of stone artwork, we recommend our Langenthaler pieces. Their origin is “only” 50 kilometres away from the river rhine.
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