Stone art by Helmut Martin

For me - the artist Helmut Martin - working with a stone does mean to respect its original being, its identity as a product of nature. I do not force a stone to take on a shape according to my own ideas and imagination. To me a stone is a stone and has the freedom of not being something else. To be a stone without any other purpose than being a stone.

This does not mean, my stones can not have a meaning and purpose for you. Because each of my stones is a piece of unique art itself, with which you can create a special atmosphere for your favorite room, or a place in your gardens. The smaller sized art-of-stones are very playful...

In case you are looking for a stone with the intention of having a whole room or area transformed by a stones energy or for the purpose of personal healing and development, Helmut Martin, who also has a more than 20 years history and experience in metaphysical work, will be happy to select and offer you the best possible solution.

The origins of our materials reach from local (self picked) specimen, to stones that found their way into the artists hands from all over the world.

Let the pictures inspire you. To learn more about each specimen please click the picture.
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