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Born in 1964, Helmut Martin grew up in a small village in Rhine-Hesse. A up to recently very rural area that ever since Roman times has been characterized by its citizen farmers, extensive agriculture and countless vineyards.

In the mid 1990ies due to a severe illness followed by an identity crisis, Helmut Martin, coming from a technical career, developed new interests, such as holistic healing, personal and spiritual development and last but not least started working with healing crystals and stones. In this phase of his life, he had a very deep experience communicating with stones on a small Scottish island that is known being both a holy-spiritual place as well as one of the oldest rock formations on our planets surface. This experience showed him, that rocks and stones too are a form of life that has a conciousness with which we can communicate with. And he was able to sense with the help of this amazing old rocks there on this holy island, how Earth was like, before any kind of life existed on its surface, other than rock, water and the air.

Sometimes he says:
“On the Island of Iona I had an experience that made me feel how our wonderful planet was like, before we started spoiling it.”

Finally after another couple of years in 2006 Helmut Martin started working with stones as a self-taught artist. Without any professional guidance, he developed his own unique technique, that produced stones giving the impression of being alive.

Besides giving his self collected natural rocks and stones a pretty, shiny surface, right from the beginning Helmut Martin specialised whenever possible in saving at least a few samples of interesting materials from ending up in industrial processing. He also likes to work with materials from which healing stones and jewellery would be produced - with one main difference to what other producers mostly would do... He does not slice up bigger pieces of rock to make it easier to sell as small pebbles. Instead he always tries to leave the rock he is working with as big as possible and also with a shape the rock took on himself. With other words: Helmut Martin as an intuitive artist does not force a stone to become something different than what it is by its true nature.

A stone from Helmut Martin's workshop simply is a stone.

Applying this philosophy working on a stone mostly results in specimen, that will not fit in what customers both from the viewpoint of a collector or a healing stone consumer may expect.

A stone from Helmut Martin's workshop is as individual as can be.  And as such mostly individualist recognize this kind of artwork.

Since the year 2004 Helmut Martin lives and works close to nature within the picturesque Middle-Rhine-Valley close to the medieval village of Bacharach.
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