Standard prints (high quality photo print) are available as following:

DIN A4 - from 15,00 €
DIN A3 - from 30,00 €
DIN A2 - from 45,00 €

(Prizes do not include shipping)

The actual picture size may vary from the standard paper/print-media size. The exact messures and prizes you find within a pictures description. On request special prints on aluminum, glass, canvas glass, foil, acrylic-glass .

For ordering please contact us by phone, email or regular mail, providing the order-number, size and the desired media.

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Art-of-Stone Graphic Design by Helmut Martin

The pictures shown are more than artificially computer created graphics. Each motive is based on a photograph taken by the artist from his crystals and stones. Sometimes the stone or crystal still can be recognized. More often a small cut-out only is used for further graphical processing to create the mirrored patterns. The result is a doorway leading you into surreal and magical realms into which you may take a jump and go on a journey with your fantasy. In any case these pictures on an energetic level are a connection with the original object - the stone or the crystal.

With a larger print you can turn your favourite room into a place, where your mind can rest, a place to recharge yourself or where you can find inspiration and boost up your creativity.

For larger depictions, prizes and available dimensions please click on one of the pictures.
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