This flamboyant mineral for sure is one of the most important healing crystals of recent times. Only discovered in 1944 by the Japanese researcher Ken-Ichi Sugi (from whom it also got its name) on the island of Iwagi, there ever since had been found tiny crystals in other places. But Sugilite only became really famous when in the 1980ies a site worth exploiting was discovered in South Africa. Sugilite very soon became a mostly desired stone both for the healing crystal community as well as for the making of jewellery. The new discovered deposit literally was scooped up and swallowed by the producers of healing crystals and the jewellery industries. As it all too soon became clear the deposit was very limited, feedstock prices for Sugilite became unreasonable - and still are today. So far the South African finding site for processable Sugilite is the only known one worldwide.
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Sugilite 3

Weight: ca. 185 gr.
Size: ca. 5 x 5 x 3 cm

Prize: 450,00 Euro

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